The jerk is the main character of the Office Jerk games and a classic bully victim. The jerk is a nerdy anti-social man who works in an office where he is liked alot by the boss and he likes the boss in return but the other workers think he is an arrogant and annoying try-hard and The bully tries to make it extremely difficult for the jerk to do his work by throwing things at him such as iced muffins, balls of screwed up paper, chewed bubble gum, snow balls, sticky toy darts, pencils, apple pies, toilet paper rolls, pencil erasers, eggs, soap bars, pizzas, bags of flour, mobile phones, golf balls, monster eggs, stacks of paper, stapplers, bee hives full of honey, fans, wrenches, octopusses, plumber plungers, trophys, brains and the occasional brick, old computer moniter or giant roast turkey if he is really annoyed with the jerks nerdyness and if he feels like messing up the jerks work he has a couple of TNT's he has collected. When the hard working jerk goes home on chrismas and new year and gets a break from endlessly being his bosses pet and getting abused by his vengful co-worker he sits across from he tries to relax in front of the TV with a drink and his cat he still had to watch out for presents, candy canes, wreaths, snow balls, snow globes and elfs that one of his annoying kids throws at him. He has other hobbies apart from impressing his boss. He loves his adorable cat which he has a picture of at his desk at work (but it often gets knocked over by things the bully has thrown) and he likes watching an extremely simple video of a log burning in a fire place. The jerk is actually murdered by one of his co-workers eventually and he comes back as a zombie. He starts a zombie apocalipse and the bully must hide in the office from the zombie hoard and he finds the zombified jerk still typing away at his computer like nothing ever happened so he continues to bully him by throwing varios objects. He is now armed with hammers, axes, more stapplers, couldrons of purple acit, used drink cans, goldern records (which sometimes chops his head off and the bully uses it to throw at the rest of his body but zombies can reatach their heads), jars of eyeballs and grenades.